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Children's Nail brush

Introduce your Little Makers to the joy of cleanliness after a day full of adventures with Kellerbursten's Kids Nail Brush Set. Designed to make cleaning up as fun as getting messy, these brushes feature adorable animal characters that will turn routine washing into an enjoyable activity.

Encourage your Little Maker to embrace both creativity and cleanliness with the charming Nail Brush, making every after-activity wash an opportunity for learning and fun.

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• Made from FSC Certified Beechwood.
• Soft, Natural Bristle, gentle on little hands and effective in scrubbing away dirt.
• Made in Germany.

Children's Nail brush
  • Style: Turtle

Discover the Wonder of Growth

Ideal for Little Explorers

Whether it's digging in the garden, crafting with clay, or cooking up a storm, little hands inevitably get dirty. The Kellerbursten nail brushes are the perfect size for small hands, offering an effective solution for cleaning up while being gentle on their skin.

Sustainable and Safe

Prioritising both the planet's health and your child's well-being, the brushes are made with FSC certified wood and use natural bristles, ensuring a product that’s as eco-friendly as it is kid-friendly.

Why Little Makers Love It

This Nail Brush is more than just a cleaning tool; it's a way to teach children the importance of cleanliness in a joyful and engaging manner. The cute animal designs capture their imagination, turning a must-do chore into a fun experience, fostering independence and personal responsibility.

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