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Mini Chef 8-piece Kitchen Set

Embark on a culinary adventure with our Mini Chef Kitchen Set from Montessori Mates, where each utensil is a stepping stone towards a lifelong journey of love and connection to food. Crafted with the budding chef in mind, this set is more than just kitchen tools; it's a gateway to the heart of cooking and a tactile exploration of food origins.

Our carefully selected 8-piece set marries the essence of safety, functionality, and sensory exploration. Designed with buttery-soft, premium kitchen-grade silicone, each piece is gentle for little hands to grasp and manoeuvre, laying the foundation for a sensory-rich experience in the kitchen.

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Color: Almond sand

Set includes

1 x Silicone kids-sized Spoon
1 x Silicone kids-sized Brush
1 x Silicone kids-sized Spatula
1 x Silicone kids-sized Soup Ladle
1 x Silicone kids-sized Rolling Pin
1 x Kids-sized Food Tong
1 x Kids-sized Egg Whisk
1 x Box Container for storage

Materials & care

• Made from child-friendly FDA approved silicone
• Easy to clean
• Dishwasher safe
• Adult supervision is required, these items are not toys

Discover the Magic of Making

Nurturing Through Nature

In the spirit of Little Makers, we believe in connecting with our food's roots. This set encourages young chefs to touch, feel, and understand the ingredients they use, fostering a deep appreciation for nature's bounty and the journey from garden to table.

Developmental Delights

• Executive Function: As children plan and execute recipes, they're sharpening decision-making and problem-solving skills.
• Fine Motor Skills: Mixing, pouring, and scooping refine their dexterity and motor development.
•Practical Life Skills: Basic food preparation offers a taste of independence and self-reliance.
•Hand-Eye Coordination: Navigating the kitchen landscape enhances coordination and spatial awareness.
•Self-Confidence: Mastering recipes boosts their confidence and pride in their abilities.

A Recipe for Connection

Our Mini Chef Kitchen Set is not just for the real kitchen. When not stirring up delicious dishes, it transforms into the perfect ensemble for imaginative play, allowing your little ones to host their own cooking shows or manage a play kitchen. This blend of real-life skills and imaginative play creates a rich, engaging experience, promoting creativity, storytelling, and emotional development.

In every slice, stir, and scoop, Little Makers is there to support your child's growth, curiosity, and joy for cooking. Let's nurture their path to becoming confident, connected, and creative chefs of their own making.

Crafting Connections