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Children's Beechwood Cooking Set

Introduce your little ones to the joys of cooking with the 9-piece Children's Beechwood Cooking Set by Kellerbursten, perfectly sized and designed for a toddler's tiny hands. Whether they're mixing up a real storm in the kitchen or conjuring delicious feasts in a world of make-believe, this set is the ideal companion for their culinary exploration.

With the Children's Beechwood Cooking Set the kitchen becomes a place of endless discovery and delight. Whether it’s used for helping prepare a family meal or as the centrepiece of a make-believe culinary empire, it’s sure to be a hit with your Little Maker.

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Set Includes:

• 1x Rolling Pin: Perfectly sized for small hands, making dough rolling an easy and enjoyable task.
• 1x Mallet: A versatile tool to help kids safely tenderise and flatten ingredients.
• 1x Stamper: Ideal for creating fun shapes and textures in doughs and pastries.
•1x Whisk: Stir up a storm and mix ingredients with ease.
Spoon: The essential tool for stirring and serving.
• 1x Beater: Mix up a variety of batters and sauces smoothly.
• 1x Tongs: A secure grip for picking up and placing ingredients.
• 1x Spatula with Hole: Easily flip and serve, while the hole ensures excess oil or sauces drain away.


• Tailored for Tiny Hands.
• Made from durable, sustainably sourced Beechwood.
• Made in Germany.

Children's Beechwood Cooking Set

Discover the Magic of Making

Ideal First Cooking Set

This Beechwood Cooking Set is the perfect way to introduce your child to cooking, offering a safe and enjoyable way to participate in kitchen activities or dive deep into their imagination. It's an invitation to create lasting memories and learn valuable life skills, all while having fun.

A Gift of Endless Possibilities

The Little Chef's Beechwood Cooking Set makes a thoughtful and inspiring gift for any young chef or imaginative mind, promising hours of engaging play and learning.

Sparking Creativity in the Kitchen and Beyond

This versatile set is designed for more than just cooking. It serves as an excellent tool for imaginative play, helping children understand the world around them through role-playing and storytelling.

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