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Children's First Embroidery Kit

Embark on a delightful journey into the world of embroidery with our specially designed Children's First Embroidery Kit. Perfect for little hands and big imaginations, this kit contains everything your Little Maker needs to dive into the art of embroidery, fostering a sense of accomplishment and creativity with every stitch.

Whether as a gift or a creative afternoon activity, our Beginners Embroidery Kit promises hours of engaging craft and the joy of creating something truly unique. Join us in stitching up a storm of creativity and learning with your Little Maker today!

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Kit Includes:

• 1x 15cm Embroidery Hoop
• 8x Pieces of White Jute Fabric to fit
• 4x Colours of Thick Thread
• 1x Stainless Steel Thread Threader
• 1x Large 7cm Stainless Steel Blunt Needle

Children's First Embroidery Kit

Discover the Joy of Creativity

Learn more about the materials

• Embroidery Hoop: A sturdy foundation for all your embroidery projects, making fabric tension just right for learning new stitches.

• Pieces of White Jute Fabric: These high-quality, eco-friendly jute pieces provide a natural and forgiving canvas for practice and project creation.

• Colours of Thick Thread: Selected for their vibrant hues and ease of handling, these threads will bring your child’s designs to life.

• Stainless Steel Thread Threader: Designed to simplify the threading process, this tool makes setup a breeze, allowing more time for creativity.

• Large Stainless Steel Blunt Needle: Safe for little makers, this needle is perfect for beginner hands to handle and manoeuvre through fabric.

Why Choose Our Beginners Embroidery Kit?

• Educational and Fun: Combining learning with fun, this kit not only introduces the basics of sewing but also encourages patience, precision, and creativity.

• Develops Fine Motor Skills: Handling the needle and thread helps in developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, crucial elements in a child’s growth.

• A Creative Outlet: Embroidery allows children to express themselves, offering a sense of freedom in design while working within a structure.

• Sustainable Crafting: We believe in the importance of using eco-friendly materials, making this kit not just good for your child but also kind to the planet.

Crafting a Greener Future

For our Little Makers, learning to sew opens up a world of creativity and environmental kindness. Sewing teaches us to:

• Cherish and Repair: Instead of discarding worn or torn items, sewing gives us the skills to mend them, instilling a sense of value and care for our belongings.

• Reimagine and Recreate: Old clothes and fabrics find new life in exciting projects, reducing waste and encouraging a cycle of reuse and sustainability.

• Be Thoughtful Consumers: Understanding the effort behind creating and repairing clothes fosters an appreciation for well-made items and reduces the allure of fast fashion.

• Protect Our Planet: By choosing to sew and repair, we lessen the demand on resources and decrease the environmental impact associated with producing new textiles.

Sewing with Little Makers isn't just about stitches and patterns; it's about weaving responsibility, creativity, and sustainability into the fabric of everyday life.