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Children's Dustpan & Brush Set

Introducing the Dustpan & Brush Set by Kellerbursten, perfect for tiny helping hands and is the essential addition to any Little Makers kitchen. This charming set includes a children's brush and dustpan, perfect for our little helpers to tidy up after their creative cooking adventures. Encouraging responsibility and making clean-up time fun, this beautifully crafted set is perfect for creating positive associations with the tidy up of an adventure.

Add the Little Makers Dustpan & Brush Set to your collection and make every part of the cooking experience enjoyable, from preparation to clean-up. Perfect for fostering independence and teaching valuable life skills, this set is a must-have for your Little Maker's kitchen.

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The brush is handmade with soft horse hair bristles and the finest FSC-certified beechwood handle, ensuring durability and eco-friendliness.

The durable Dustpan is made from hard-wearing steel and powder-coated for extra protection and is designed to withstand enthusiastic use.

Made in Germany.


Dustpan: 13x20cm
Brush: 16cm

Children's Dustpan & Brush Set

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Versatile Cleaning

Ideal for sweeping up crumbs on the dining table or tidying the kitchen floor, this set helps instil a positive association and experience with cleaning in young children.

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