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Wooden Child Safe Knife

Introduce your little maker to the joy of cooking with the KiddiKutter Child-Safe Knife, designed to empower them to safely cut their own food while fostering independence and confidence in the kitchen. With a handle crafted from smooth beechwood and a child-friendly stainless steel blade, this knife blends functionality with a natural, timeless aesthetic that complements any home. 

Perfect for children aged 3 and up, although younger children may also be ready to start using it based on their individual abilities and development. The KiddiKutter knife is an excellent tool for any little maker looking to take an active part in kitchen activities safely and joyfully. 

Always ensure children are supervised when using the knife to guarantee safe and correct usage.

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Materials & design

Crafted for small hands, the smooth beechwood handle and stainless steel blade provides a secure grip, helping little ones chop, slice, and dice with ease.

Wash & care

To maintain the KiddiKutter, simply hand wash the knife. It’s a great way for kids to learn about cleaning up after cooking!

Wooden Child Safe Knife

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Safety First

Featuring a serrated blade with rounded teeth that can cut through everything from soft fruits to tough steaks without risking little fingers. It's perfect for encouraging safe and independent slicing.

The stainless steel blade is durable and designed for years of use, supporting your little one’s culinary adventures from toddlerhood and beyond.

Always ensure children are supervised when using the knife to guarantee safe and correct usage.

A Versatile Kitchen Tool

Whether it's slicing veggie sticks, spreading Vegemite, or helping with dinner prep, the KiddiKutter knife is a versatile addition to your child’s culinary toolkit. It’s also great for teaching left and right-handers alike.

Developmental Benefits

Using the KiddiKutter promotes motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and builds independence. It also encourages a healthy relationship with food, making mealtime an opportunity for growth and learning.

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