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Children's Watering Can

Introducing the perfect gardening companion for any young green thumb: Children's Watering Can by Burgon & Ball. Designed with little gardeners in mind, this 1-litre watering can is an essential tool for introducing children to the joys of gardening and nurturing their own plants.

Equipped with a removable screw-on rose, TheChildren's Watering Can  offers a gentle shower that's perfect for young plants and seedlings, ensuring they get the water they need without overwhelming them. It's an excellent way for kids to learn about caring for plants and the importance of gentle nurturing. Finished in a glossy green powder coating, this watering can doesn't just perform excellently; it also adds a dash of style to your little one’s gardening adventures. 

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• Made by Burgon & Ball in Sheffield, UK
• Quality steel with a glossy British Racing Green powder coating

Children's Watering Can

Discover the Magic of Making

Perfect for Small Hands

Crafted for ease and safety, The Budding Watering Can features two handles, allowing young gardeners to get a firm, comfortable grip. The design caters to the natural way children approach and interact with gardening tasks, ensuring they can water their plant friends with ease and confidence.

Made in England

Made by Burgon & Ball, the UK's oldest manufacturer of garden tools and accessories, this watering can comes with a legacy of quality and durability. Produced in Sheffield on the same premises since 1873, each can is a testament to Burgon & Ball’s commitment to crafting high-quality steel products that stand the test of time.

Educational and Fun

Not only is The Budding Watering Can a practical tool for gardening, but it's also an educational instrument that teaches responsibility, patience, and the cycle of life. It’s an opportunity for kids to bond with nature and learn the value of nurturing the environment.

Whether it’s for watering a small garden plot, indoor plants, or embarking on a gardening project together, The Budding Watering Can is an ideal gift that will cultivate a lifetime love for gardening. Let your Little Maker’s gardening journey begin with a tool designed just for them, blending tradition, functionality, and fun in every drop of water.

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